Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Little Fall Leaf Hat Tutorial

This isn't the first felt leaf hat tutorial I have posted here on TCH, but since the style I made today is a bit different I thought I'd put up a little tutorial. :) I am busy busy today in the sewing room, so today you get a peek inside at just what I'm working on!

I knew I wanted a mustard yellow hat to wear this fall but I couldn't seem to find a vintage hat in a style I'd like, so I decided to make one of course! I purchased some lovely 100% wool felt on Etsy to make a hat, but was stuck on what style should I make? That was when I spotted this perfect hat on Etsy...

Etsy Shop
I sorta can't believe I haven't hit "BUY IT NOW" (as I write this the hat above is still for sale and for an absolute steal!) but I know as much as I love it it will be totally lost in my brown hair. I wouldn't want a cute hat like that to go to waste blending right into my hair color, so I leave it to one of you to snap it up instead! Still the overlapping felt leaves is a worthy idea.

What would you need to make a similar hat to mine?

-Wool felt (or craft felt, but the wool is so much nicer and more authentic looking!)
-Scissors (and possibly a craft/exacto knife)
-Card-stock to make your patterns
-Millinery Wire
-Velvet leaves (optional, you could just make bigger felt leaves, I found the velvet ones at Joann)
-Needle and Thread

So I went to work on my nice wool felt cutting out leaf shapes...

Simply print out or draw a leaf shape of your choosing and trace onto your felt. Cut out quite a few of these.

I made a few larger leaves with interior cutouts (on the right in the above image) to add as an accent on one side of the hat. Just use an exacto knife to carefully slice out teardrop shapes from the inside of the leaves.

To make a base for the hat I took a circle of millinery wire and bound it shut with plumbers sealant tape. This tape is great for millinery wire! #notcoutureapproved :) I used to use floral tape sometimes but find it too sticky, this stuff is better. I carefully bent the wire into a long bean-ish shape to fit my head.

Then I covered the wire base with a strip of felt wound around the wire and secured with a few stitches in matching thread.

To make a foundation for the smaller felt leaves I used some large velvet leaves I found on sale at Joanns to fill in the space between the wires. I simply stitched the parts of the leaves that touched the wire (and each other) down. This is why wrapping the wire in felt is excellent because you can sew right into it no problem! These leaves came in various colors and types and look very like vintage velvet millinery I stocked up! I mean, I seriously bought a ton of them! They were less than a dollar a pack, so get thee to a Joann ladies!

Once you have a hat base essentially together, start layering your felt leaves and tacking them down, overlapping each leaf over the last and adding a stitch through both leaves and into the covered wire beneath.

Keep layering on both sides of the hat.

Before you know it, presto! A fall-tastic hat appears! I pinched the larger leaves with the cutouts at their base for some dimension and stitched them onto one side for some extra flair. I really can't wait to wear this new hat and am really tempted to make another in orange or perhaps red? Or every color? The options are endless! The same techniques could be used with any shape really, like flowers for spring :)

How is your fall crafting going? You have started haven't you ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn's Light

I really do need a warm yellow hat to really pull this look together, but I just really wanted to wear my new gloves okay? As it is, my gloves seem a little out of place without that balance, but we'll just pretend it works ;)

I finished a new circle skirt! Hooray! In red cotton sateen too, so it will match many many things already in my closet. This time I paired it with a multicolored chiffon blouse that's been in my wardrobe since high school. I'm not a huge fan of the sleeves on it, but the off center bow is too fun to give up. I also broke out my butterscotch colored maple leaf brooch as it is now officially autumn and I can finally really get away with fall themed accessories! I've got my black Malco Modes petticoat on here, but I think next time I might try layering both my black and my ivory petticoats together for even more poof underneath a circle skirt!

The pumpkins are already placed at our local offshoot of the Denver botanical gardens, and why not now that it is truly fall? It's still pretty hot here most days, but the trees haven't seemed to have noticed the lingering heat as their leaves are already changing rapidly! I've got to hurry and get up to the mountains and capture some of the glittering golden aspens in photos before I lose the chance ;)

Skirt: Made by me
Blouse: Forever 21
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Shoes: Modcloth
Handbag, Gloves, Belt, & Jewelry: Vintage

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Playing With Color Pairings for Fall

As soon as I saw it I thought this striking image by John Rawlings had some serious potential. Not only was the ensemble divine, it was a great front facing image showcasing a bold color pairing that I could mess with in Photoshop to test out-- well other color pairings. Since I only have a few vintage suits, of course I want to figure out how to style them in multiple ways for maximum versatility. What easier way to test out some options than in the one-click-away digital realm? Lets play around...

Here is the original outfit, a lovely mid-toned blue suit paired with a rich warm red vest, hat, and leather bag and punctuated with fresh white gloves. Red and Blue are both primary colors, and as a rule I love putting primary colors together, even all three of them at once like in this recent outfit of mine. One could easily swap out the white gloves here for yellow and the look would still definitely work even if it would be a bit more bold.

What if we take out the bold pop of color and replace it with black? Somehow everything looks cooler (in hue not in style) and more wintry. A good option for when fall turns to winter later this year. It's not winter yet however...

The next idea is too keep everything on the cool side of the color wheel by pairing the blue suit with adjacent color green. The punchy lichen/acid green adds more of a fall flair to the ensemble, as does the choice of a rich pine hue. Now let's try something completely different, because...well because I don't have a mid-toned blue suit myself (though I'd like one)...

I do have a light brown/tan-ish suit however, so here is the original image with just the suit color changed to brown. The outfit still works with the red accent color and white gloves for sure.

How about a brown suit with yellow and dark green as accents? I love this combination! Perhaps it's because I just love saturated and darker yellows for fall. I need to make a yellow hat pronto.

Then swap out the yellow for pumpkin orange and again personally I still think this looks great. Two fall colors plus a neutral isn't so bad a formula to follow it seems!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sweater Weather

Just look at that stitch pattern <3 Of course this gorgeous sweater was not knitted hand knit by myself, but by the wonderful Kate-Em! I had long admired her beautiful knitting projects so I decided back in spring to custom order a 1940's sweater from Kate-Em's lovely Etsy shop, and this lacy red number was the result. Kate-Em was a joy to work with and she kept me updated on the progress of the sweater as she knitted it up. It was so fun choosing a real vintage pattern and I can't believe just how perfectly the finished sweater fits! A testament to just how skilled a knitter Kate-Em is! Thank you so much for your stunning workmanship :)

For it's first outing I paired the sweater with my plaid wool pencil skirt, matching red heels, and my favorite dark green handbag. I picked up this flower shaped brooch over the summer and touched up some of the enamel with nail polish of all things! Little tip there, turns out nail polish is great for touching up chipped vintage enamel. If only finding great handbags like this one was that easy too, I wish I could find this same hand bag in every color, especially mustard yellow! I did manage to snap up a few pairs of size 8 gloves today though, so perhaps my shopping luck is picking up :)

Time to return to work and reality after my Disneyland trip, I had such an amazing time! Now it's time to get to sewing too, lots of sewing to do as always, and I hope to make some more videos for my YouTube channel soon too as it has been seriously neglected. Oops ;)

Sweater: Kate-Em Vintage (Etsy)
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear (Royal Vintage Shoes)
Handbag & Jewelry: Vintage

Friday, September 23, 2016

Out of Office

Just a quick note to say I'm out of the office (as it were) this Friday/weekend for a trip to Disneyland! So If you happen to be a Disneyland fan like myself, follow me over on Instagram this weekend for all of my Disney photos! There is no better way to vacation than to fill up on magic! Plus Mickey's Halloween Party too? Heaven <3

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