Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Red Jacket

Lets face it, a jacket like this one steals the show of any outfit. I picked up this beauty from the much loved seller FabGabs on Etsy last April and have been excited to wear it in autumn ever since. Now as autumn turns to winter, this deep red jacket can see me happily suited all season long.

I paired the bold red jacket with a simple pleated grey skirt and black accessories for its first appearance here on the blog, but I'm sure you all will be seeing it again with other color combinations in the future. I have a black 50's suit with a red and blue fleck running through the wool and I think this jacket will go great with that skirt as well. I did replace the buttons on this jacket with dark red ones as opposed to keeping the pearlescent white-ish pink ones it had when it arrived, but of course that was a simple fix. One has to be quick when trying to snatch up pieces from popular sellers like Fab Gabs, and I clicked straight over to Etsy to buy this jacket the moment I spotted it on their Instagram page. I can't get involved in the fierce races against time when it comes to a lot of vintage buying and selling where competition for pieces can get really fierce, mostly because I just can't afford to buy a lot of vintage, especially at a moments notice. I was lucky back in April that all the stars aligned for me to add this jacket to my collection! Thank you Fab Gabs!

I decided to style the jacket this way after watching Cover Girl and admiring how the suiting was styled in the film. I even wore my hair up and with a hat of a similar style to one Rita Hayworth wears in a scene visiting the magazine offices in the film. I'm actually not really a fan of wearing my hair up these days, I feel like the shape of my head/face doesn't lend itself to updos being flattering. I think it's to do with the back of my head being a bit flat where it meets my neck, as I have trouble keeping scarves/turbans on my head as well. Ah well, one must work with what they've got! It was fun putting together this rather accurate 1940's outfit, but I'll let you know a secret, the skirt is from the 80's ;)

Jacket: Vintage (Fab Gabs)
Skirt: Stolen from my Mom's closet years ago
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Scarf, Jewelry, Hat, Gloves, & Clutch: Vintage

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Long Winter

You know when you're trying to get some photos at the top of a mountain and then it starts snowing sideways? So annoying right? Oh what, that hasn't happened to you? Just me then?

The long winter has begun, and by that I mean now the trees will be bare and the world will appear either the dull tan-ish grey of dead plants or be blanketed with the white of snow until May. It seems rather a long while to go without the beautiful greenery of summer and fall, but such is the way of things here in Colorado. Unless you drive up the the mountains, where like these photos show, evergreens rule the woods and lichen stay green year round. The pass we traversed here isn't open in winter however, because presumably it's buried in snow!

But enough about nature.

Listen, 1940's jackets are literally the best. I'll admit this one is a little bit tight on me, but I don't really care because I love it. I wore it with my asymmetric draped mini hounds-tooth skirt in similar shades of light beigey tan and punctuated the whole look with burgundy red. This was one of the beret hats i picked up in Paris and all of them are already coming in handy! The scarf I have on here is actually super gorgeous too, not that you can see the pattern at all with it all tucked under my jacket, but trust me its an explosion of fall leaves and mushrooms. I think this scarf is from the 1970s, but I don't care what era a silk (or pretending-to-be-silk) scarf is from if I like the print! I'll remember to get a better photo of it this week and put it on instagram.

I was a bit social this weekend so I didn't get any sewing done, but I'll have some time later this week for sewing and other projects due to the holiday! Plus I've got to dive into the new book from American Duchess asap (I'll have a review for you all soon!). I hope most of you have a short work week, well, the US folks I mean, and have a lovely holiday. As for those outside the US, is anyone still planning on taking advantage of the black Friday sale madness?

Jacket: Vintage (Etsy)
Skirt: Made by me
Gloves, Scarf, & Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Beret: Tourist shop in Paris
Fishnets: Target

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Video: Fall & Winter Lookbook

Most of you have seen all of these outfits before of course, as all but 2 have appeared on the blog already! The last two will be featured here this week, but I hope you won't mind getting to see them ahead of time in this video as well.

I still have a lot to learn and change about how I make these lookbook videos, as I am always at a loss on how best to pose and how long to record/edit the clips themselves. I hope the video is still a fun snapshot of my wardrobe in motion for all of you! Thank you for watching and for visiting <3

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cataloging Catalogs: HATS!!! Montgomery Ward Spring/Summer 1943

What I have discovered from collecting catalogs so far is that I really, really, do love 1940's fashion, and in particular this first catalog of mine from 1943 has turned out to be a real favorite. 1943 was a good year for clothes and accessories even while the world was in the thick of WWII!

Now for course it is good to remember these pages are from Wards, where regular people shopped, so these images may not represent the avant garde or ultra "fashionable" looks of the time necessarily. I'm not sure how the relationship between department stores and high fashion functioned in the 1940's, but now in 2017 for example I would consider the stock at Macy's to be much more conservative/mundane on average than the looks on Paris runways or in Vogue. In many ways that's what makes old catalogs like this such an amazing resource to have in addition to the more glamorous surviving materials like Hollywood films of the time, because these catalog show us what was available to a more average consumer. This also highlights how truly flamboyant some fashions of the 40's were if these majestic hats here in Wards were not fantastical catwalk creations, but stuff your mom would wear. How fabulous these hats are, it is just too much not to be able to buy them today! Why did hats go out of fashion!!!

More than ever I encourage you to view these images as big as possible and soak in the details. The text describes the many colors each hat may have been available in, and I challenge you to not think to yourself "yes, yes, one of each please!" Let these images be inspiration to any of you milliners out there, we need more hats like these again.

Feel free as always to pin, save, and share! I hope some of you out there enjoy these resources as much as I do <3 There's still a few more posts worth of images from the 1943 catalog, and then we will be jumping into a new catalog (or two, or three catalogs!) next year!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Burgundy and Navy Blue

You know I must be a bit tired when I can't manage to think of an even mildly clever or cute title for a post, simply listing colors is the best I've got today! It's Thursday, so I'm ready for bed and I haven't even had dinner yet :)

Do I wish I could have one of these Emmy Design Sweden cardigans in every color? Yes. Sadly, that's just not gonna happen, so I have to wear my "fig" colored version as much as I can. This time I paired the cozy wool cardigan with an equally warm wool skirt in navy blue. The warm brown accessories were selected mainly so I could wear this fantastic and huge acorn brooch from Luxulite! Still speaking of colors, my dark purple hair isn't looking very purple here is it? Don't worry, I have since had it re-done in a bit brighter hue, you'll all be seeing that soon I promise! It is harder to match with things than my old usual shade of dark brown, but it is also just more fun so I'll take the extra challenge when styling outfits for now.

I just can't believe it's November already, let alone that Thanksgiving is next week! I should have planned ahead a bit better and saved up some extra money for Black Friday sale shopping but I'm afraid a recent splurge (and I mean splurge *cough* Remix shoes...*cough*) I doubt I'll be taking advantage of the sales at all. Unless Collectif have a crazy sale on coats...because I could be tempted there perhaps. I need to be sewing instead of shopping anyways!

Cardigan: Emmy Design
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Handbag, Earrings, & Gloves: Vintage
Brooch: Luxulite
Beret: Tourist shop in Paris

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